Alva Hybrid

“Genius” drinking water purifier that meets the needs of a healthy new generation with a modern lifestyle.

No need installation, no more hassle – plug it, fill the reservoir and Alva Hybrid works directly. Perfect choice!

Rounded beautiful form, simple and fine sophisticated design, no matter where you use, Alva Hybrid fits to any interior. A high-performance water purifier that is compatible with ease of use and design.

For families and condominium residents who want the best water with maximum convenience, Alva Hybrid Water Purifier combines high-efficiency, carbon-block filtration with advanced UV Firewall technology that purifies each drop instantly. No installation, no waiting.

Alva Hybrid combines one of the highest efficient carbon block filters with an incredible effective compact UV system. These two technologies are then enhanced with the antimicrobial protection of Biocote®. Simply fill the BPA-free reservoir with tap water, plug in and dispense.

  • Freshly purified, with 99.9999% free of bacteria without removing its natural minerals in. It’s how good water should be.
  • Always pure. Firewall® technology provides every glass is as pure and tasty as the first.
  • Lightweight and easy to move. It’s just 3.8 kg, you can use Alva Hybrid wherever you need it the most.

Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height)

142mm x 398mm x 306mm


3.8 kg

UV Lamp

13 Watt

Total Max. Power

32 Watt

Power Supply

220-240 V/50 Hz

Water Temperature


Water Tank Capacity

3 Liters

Standard Filter

Carbon block